Saturday, June 5

*Today's Spring Cleaning*

So today I lack the will to work. This is an issue. So, what I have chosen to do is to use you as my manager, and share my goals for the day. Later, I will check in and see how I do. Here goes my list as well as some before and after photos that I have included. After all, everyone has times where they would cringe if company showed up unexpected... I may as well admit it to myself and share with you a few before and afters. Enjoy!

-Do more dishes
(to finally clean up from the lingering remnants of the memorial day party.

kitchen counters before

kitchen counters after

-Snuggle Brian on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother for our version of quality time
(this photo is just for us)

-Clean up the bathroom

The bathroom before

The bathroom after... everything in its place and smelling fresh

-Put away the cursed laundry

Before hand, even Bella looks clearly ticked

-Wash even more laundry
(no one is perfect so lets push that to tomorrow)

-Make the bed

Bedroom before
Bedroom after a good clean

-Photograph the house for Mom and Mary
(this is on mom's flickr album)

(ran out of time, essentially ran in the hose rather than a lovely shower)

-Head out to dinner and a movie with Madison
(well we did get dinner, but went to Sephora rather than a movie)

-Finish my Capote book
(this is my before bed ritual which I will finish right as I finish this post)

hmmmmm i think that is it. Ta ta for now!

Tuesday, June 1

*Some Days Make You Work For It*

Most days I am happy to head to work, but other days--- well, it's a real effort. Today was one of the latter. It is tough working at a job where the bigger the sob story the client gives, the more they are used to getting in fees reversed etc. This leads to an environment where people who view themselves as victims thrive. At times, this makes it difficult for me to be empathetic towards each story as often I have heard a version of it a dozen or more times a day. Today, I sought desperately to cling to the positive moments. The one I grabbed hold of was when the wife of one of the guys who works for me brought in her three year old twin boys to visit and chat for a few minutes.

At the ripe old age of 29 and with almost 8 years of marriage under my belt, I have finally gotten to the point where I am fixated on having my own children and doing something I consider a valuable investment in my daily life. Though working my regular job is important on the surface and I recognize that what I do can truly change peoples' lives, I want to make a difference in a smaller sphere. Rather than teaching virtual strangers financial independence and how to budget,
I want to spend my time shaping the character and the memories of my own children. I can't wait to teach them how to sew, cook, tell a great story, journal, and travel adventurously. How amazing it would be to make a difference in my own particular way. It is surprising to say this aloud as for years I was far more interested in buying heels than diapers, and I didn't believe that I would ever feel that having children would be anything other than an opportunity to damage another human being. Suffice it to say, lots has changed in a year. So for now, until I have my own brood, I am adopting the children around me.

With that, please allow me to introduce you to a few of my favorite little friends in the neighborhood...

Adam decides to rock out in my glasses

Luke's effervescence makes me realize that having a boy might just loads of fun

Little dirty toes are just a few of my favorite things

Spencer and Adam were well behaved. . . for a moment

Thanks for hanging in there raising those boys Troy and Katie and giving me a reason to smile on days such as these

Megan and Cory, thanks for bringing Luke into my life. His kisses and piggie sounds always are guaranteed to make me crack up~

Monday, May 31

*Summer Lazy Days*
Im not really a great fan of cherries but these were just too beautiful to pass up...
Kelsey and Brian stopped in to say hello...
Madison enjoys a day of rest...

Mary's recipe for tabbouleh...

*all and all, a lovely day*

*Fancy a Peach/Blueberry Crisp?*

Tonight I have been in a bit of excited panic - note that as I write this it is 1:45 am and I have yet to feel sleeps restful hand. I determined a few days ago that I would hold a rather impromptu Memorial Day picnic tomorrow (or technically in a few hours) after I get off of work for just two or three friends. Well, we all want too much of a good thing at times, and now we have a pretty healthy group of people headed to 4th south at 4 pm for some good old fashioned fun.

Yes, I know this sounds idyllic: a BBQ in the freshly grown gardens in the backyard with summer fruit and lawn games, but pause for one moment if you will. I realized a few minor things this evening. People never stay in the yard. They will invariably wander into the kitchens to provide some assistance of some sort, and it will most certainly be appreciated. Someone will go to visit the powder room as we will be enjoying ourselves for quite some time, and invariably, a tour of the home will be requested which is a gift for the hostess to provide. All of this sounds lovely and should be but for one small detail... my house is a mess!

This is where many feel they ought to panic and spend the day dressing their home for company, but I am a special sort. What did I do today? Well I began a new Capote book, snuggled in bed with my Pooh bear (the hubby) played with the kitties, and got in some DVR Craig Fergueson, and then finally went shopping to get the ingredients for tomorrow. Simple enough but on the way to the store I recalled that I could really use a new camera charger as I have once again begun documenting my life for each of you and it would be a pity not to have photographs of the party. After running to multiple stores to get to one who had the charger in stock, Madison and I (my usual partner in crime) finally returned to my home around 8:30 where we proceeded to practice a new dessert for tomorrow night and where we added yet four more people to our little fete. After such a diverting day, we sat down and were delighted to discover that the newest recipe of the pear and blueberry crisp with a bit of vanilla ice-cream is truly one of life's little luxuries and perfect for our picnic. After the much appreciated brief respite to snack, Mads and I came somewhat into this reality and in one swift choerographed motion, bounded up and into the kitchen and front room like two desperate cats in water to once again make things somewhat presentable for tomorrow. Now, all I have to do is prepare the kabobs, shuck the corn, make the salad, ready the tabbouli, make the apple pie and the official version of the crisp we sampled tonight, clean the bathroom, mop the floors, tidy the laundry room, freshen up the little girls' room, prepare the back yard, and cook the food. Ahh, did I mention that I work until 2 tomorrow and I have everyone coming over at 4? No fears though folks as I was just reminded of a few simple truths. We can always cross our fingers, bless the stars that we only invite good friends over in the first place who love us and help us tuck away less flattering piles of daily life, and know that it is my party and it isnt starting without me!

We prepared the veggies for the skewers tomorrow
Fruits and veg are awaiting their entrance into the party
Here is the fruit crisp as we sliced the poached peaches and combined the ingredients for the crisp