Wednesday, July 29

Brad and Carli, simply the most lovely couple I have ever met

Berries in cream

Sea shells in the bathroom look good again

*Gilding the Lily*

Some things are encased in God given beauty. My friends Brad and Carli are so stunning in their wedding photos, I described it as a perfect ad for a life insurance commercial, you know, protect the ones you love? Guess what, she wears a touch of make up anyhow. I have young ones around me whose glow in their cheeks are like strawberries in cream. They
still are dressed well. I love my bare feet. I still get pedicures. I have heard it said that God is truly an artist. Anyone who may doubt this need only look at his color palate and creativity to confirm the statement. And yet, he has given us Barb. Like any artist, she has only one name like Cher, Madonna, or Martha. Barb is an artist who has taken the beauty and simplicity of a shell given by God, and then gilds it, literally. She has taken the tacky out of shells on a bookshelf or the bathroom and has left little painted miracles in her wake where ever she may go. Forget less is more, sometimes, MORE IS MORE! This teal and gold conch version is mine. If you want your own, invite her over and perhaps the muse will strike again~

Facing the bed: a vintage fan replica, Annie's art, and my jewelry station (note the red accents)

Our bed:his side with the Japanese print with red pops, my side with the photo of our feet with red again on the bed.

On his side of the bed I have some oversize pillows that we are just waiting on a basket and my collage I made of tender things of our relationship with a red backdrop. I know, collages are silly, but mine rocks!

My dresser top with the old mirror, candles, and perfume. I feel like an adult when I have some lovely perfume on my dresser.

*My bedroom project phase 2*

Last time, I showed you my latest home improvement project when I installed wainscoting in my room. Today, I used Suzanne's great eye for arranging accessories (something which completely eludes me) and we went to town! It started with a trip to my accessory shop in the basement where we pillaged for candles, depression glass, a retro fan, and all manner of lovely things to pull together the space. Then, with the power combined genius, we started hanging mirrors, paintings, chandelier, and the like. All I am missing now are photographs of us blown up and cleverly arranged, my new silver sage rug, and a french market wire basket to hold my oversize pillows at bedtime.

Ah, the thrill of fabulous~


My father traveled to Asia on a fairly regular basis when I was a child. I recall that though it was tough to see him go, it was always tempered with the satisfaction that when he returned, he came bearing gifts! I lived for these sorts of physical evidences of his love for us. A souvenir was his way of showing us that even when he was across the globe, we were there in his thoughts. I recall him bringing home paper fans, seaweed candy sticks (also known as yucky I taste like death sticks) and mega pumped up business class travel kits. I loved it when it was my turn to get the little black travel bag stuffed with mini toothpaste and toothbrush, sleep masks, floss, etc. This is something that I still look to see as an adult. Brian learned long ago, that when he goes on a trip, I delight in seeing (and have sadly come to expect) a token of his affection upon his return. In high school after a trip to Mexico, he came back with little rocks he collected over the week in every color of the rainbow. I would have never known it was possible to find a blue rock, or a yellow one let alone a perfect pink rock. After we were older and married, he went on a business trip to a work convention and knowing how obsessed I am with quality ink flow pens, he brought me home, to my utter glee, two gallon sized Ziploc bags of nothing but quality pens. It is now roughly 6 years later, and I still have an enormous box full of them, even after allowing a few sisters to raid my stash. Now that I am taking trips on my own, I have elected to continue this tradition myself. I have come bearing chocolates, books, and then most recently, a gecko.

Don't worry, you read it right. I returned from my latest romp to the humid land of Houston, and marvelled at the little critters that I just don't see in Utah. I was wooed by the lush grass, completely forgetting that in Texas, the grass fights back with an invisible terror-chiggers. I remembered that I was once again in the land of the cockroach and lizard. When I know that though I am in their territory, it is a temporary situation, I am able to enjoy the exotic nature of their existence. After returning home to my dry life in Utah, imagine my utter amazement then when I opened my suitcase two days after getting home, and something odd caught my eye. Right there, on top of my patent leather stilettos was an actual living creature. A gecko just ran onto my shoe and watched me, likely just as amazed that he had made it through the non-pressurized stowage cabin of the airplane as I. When I finally determined that I was in fact lucid, and this creature was here watching me, I went to get a glass to remove the new found friend. Returning just a moment later, he was gone. He may be in a nook of the still untouched suitcase, or perhaps scurried off to create a home for himself in the living room, maybe is is now fast friends with Mary Morey. Ooh, poor thing. I have a house of four bored kitties who love to chase flies and bugs.

*My only thought to my new house guest is good luck buddy*

Monday, July 27

*This I Believe*

-Marriage is a process, not an event.
-The twilight series rocks! If you deny it, it is because you either haven't read them yet, or like to lie.
-Never eat the last bite, all the fat is in the last bite.
-Wickedness sometimes IS happiness.
-Yes, your voice really sounds like that.
-If you think that it is a hassle to shave your face, don't ask us to shave our legs.
-If it looks that good on you, get it in all the colors!
-Shoot, you want a boob job, satisfy your bliss.
-I love my body, learn to love yours.
-It is only money.
-Never hold a compliment.
-Fine, I admit it. I am hard to buy gifts for.
-Hitting on someone at their job is just rude, after all, they are being paid to be nice to you.
-Ohio, Iowa, and the Dakotas just don't count. No offense.
-Just like you find fault in my family, and think I have it rough, I am thinking the same thing about yours. The good news is, we get to live our own lives, not each others.
-A photograph lasts forever so... yes, those pants do make you look fat.
-If you keep having problems with coworkers from one job to the next, YOU are the problem.
-Go ahead, you deserve it!
-Church is too long.
-Give until it hurts.
-Have you ever meet anyone who arrogance or cockiness look good on? I haven't.
-Running is for gerbils on an exercise wheel. We have adopted it, and that's cool, but lets not forget who it is made for.
-It is exhausting to be charming all the time, so give us a break.
-The better you dress, the better you are treated. So do not go around wrinkled.
-Fish and house guests start to stink after three days.
-Never trust a skinny cook.
-The "Not to be rude" game is the greatest game of all. Watch! Not to be rude but that shirt looks great on you! Or not to be rude but I love having you around. No matter what, it is rude!
-Crazy is OK so long as it is unintentional and you rock at apologies.
-If your apartment is ugly, blame the landlord, if your house is ugly, blame the owner.
-I'm cancelling my subscription to your issues. (thanks Ram)
-Not all babies are cute. Some take your breath away, and not in the good way.
-People are nicer to your kids if they are dressed well.
-Though advice is fun to give, it may be wise to hold it in. It can create scars.
-Smoking is tacky... I don't care how cool you think you look, you smell.
-Cheap perfume is never worth it. Your budget punishes the rest of us.
-For you to ignore a family that loves you is your prerogative, but keeping your kids away from family that loves them, makes you evil.
-If I keep calling you a cute pet name like love or sunshine or sugar, that means that I don't know your real name.
-Reality TV allows us to be a voyeur in a socially appropriate way.
-Being constantly late means that you value yourself more than others.
-The more you horde, the less you have.
-I am a bad neighbour, and I like it that way.
-Cookies and cream ice cream solves essentially all of life's issues.
-Not all children are loved equally.
-Just because Bush was a total moron, doesn't mean that Obama rocks. I know, lets keep spending monopoly money! But Bush was horrible, yeah, and?
-Often old people are abrasive so that we don't overlook them. Squeaky wheel, right?
-All that is tacky is housed in Florida. Google eyes on seashells, Miami airport, really?
-Men really do want a women to be home and take care care of them. A hot dinner isn't that out of whack. Maybe June Cleaver knows something.
-He with the most friends on Facebook wins.
-If you choose to have kids, they deserve to have you raise them.
-Blogging makes us feel that what we have to say is somehow important.
-I love my nieces and nephews that I see often, not those whose names I don't recall.
-I like to be superficially superficial.
-The more righteous you claim to be, the less I believe you.
-Overdrafts are because you are bad with money, not because the bank if out to get you.
-This post is slightly abrasive.