Sunday, July 25

*The feasts*

I made a promise to include another post regarding my latter half of the Dallas visit which included both a feast of lobster and that of lamb. It is a great family tradition that we hold dear to take a mass of live lobsters and eat them until we are ill. After that point, we take the remaining meat and shells and from there make a lobster bisque that would put Thomas Keller to shame.

* I must admit though that as I write this, I use the word we rather liberally. All credit is in fact to be given to my glorious and talented father. *

First up was lobster fest. This was a time when as young children, we learned how to eat a rather complicated food and enjoy its delicate flavor.

Max watched Brian prepare to eat his meal full of wonder

Mother displays the fresh out of the pot lobsters to the surrounding children.

All and all, we had a lovely meal~

Next we move onto my personally favorite meal of the year and the reason we saw fit to fly down for the weekend - lamb fest... I will continue with that one next