Sunday, June 13

*My favorite time of day*

I don't know if this seems silly, but my favorite part of time day or night is those tender hours when I lay in bed next to my Pooh bear. He is tough to track down at other times of the day, but at night, when we are finally asleep, I love that we are close together. I think about what it is in our daily routine that keeps us from being the couple we once were, but I take comfort in the fact that I feel we express our truest selves when no one else is around, sometimes we aren't even fully there. It makes me smile that rough as it can be after being married for almost 8 years, we still sleep with our foreheads pressed together, our legs intertwined, or lovingly in an arm nook. So, though days may be long and we may seem tough, at night and in the morning, the place I want to be most in this world is snuggling back in bed.