Sunday, August 2

*P.S. I Love You*

I love it when you search my eyes. I love feeling you breath on my ear. When I hear the steady rhythm of your heart, I am daily grateful for the simple fact that I am in possession of it. I marvel at the way I fit into your arm nook, and that though we have been snuggling for thirteen years, each night we drift towards each other in our sleep, and each morning we find our arms and legs twined together as if they are only comfortable when colliding. I am the one with whom you have chosen to share your heart and hopes since we were children and I am learning to be a loving steward of those dreams. You are the most gentle man I know, and I am sorry that I have been the cause of callouses in your heart. I pray for our marriage to be the completion of our joy in this life. Thank you for accepting the fact that though I may be perhaps a touch dramatic, I attempt to use that gift to issue dramatic and true apologies. Thank you for being mine for the last seven years. Happy Anniversary.