Wednesday, March 23

A few more photos that I just had to share~

The little ladies had a blast
Will loves that he finally figured out to master the funny face
This is one of my favorite shots of miss Lucy
Charlotte and Bea during the spa party
Will and Teesa love wrestling

Theresa helped teach me how to read
These are the faces of a contented pair watching a beloved movie (this is Teesa's favorite way to snuggle her blankie)
Lucy happy as ever
Here she is buried in the sand with Mommy and Poppa looking on. Teesa got a bit confused which Benac family that she is in.

Happy Poodle
Lille and Grace mastered Boogie boarding

The Alabama beach vacation brought to you through the eyes of the children

*I'm Alive! *

Ladies and gentlemen, I still do exist! I recognize that it has been close to a year since I posted. For that, I apologize. As I wrapped my last post, my trusty laptop breathed it's last, and at last I had to let it go in peace. My iPhone has worked for my general internet needs as the home computer has generally been for Brian's sole use, but as we just got back from the latest vacation to the Gulf Shores in Alabama..... I have many pictures to share and thus, as it is my day off and there is a free computer, enjoy!

Meet this years cast~

This year at the beach brought to you by Mr Bill

And the newly trained yuke playing Momma B

in attendance as well was the Morphis family...
Matt and Sabina

Catherine and Lille

Catherine and Grace

Max being loved with his parents

Catherine and Matt as the cold water strikes

Bea and Max go for a walk

next I present
the Billy Benac family. . .

Like father like son: Billy and Will both love to pull faces

Family portraits where the children act like themselves are so much more interesting. . .

Theresa loves her momma

Kelsey and Bill taking a moment for themselves

Theresa and Kelsey take a break to paint their nails. This was the first time that Teesa got to use nail polish

The next family in attendance was the Flakes. . .

Penelope loved spending time with Lille

Sarah and Adam love spending time with each other. Life is always just a little funnier with them

Charlotte morphed into the newly named "poodle"

Finally meet the John and Mamie Benac family:

The little man Rowan putting in hard labor

Miss Lucy looks thoughtful as she enjoys her birthday treasure hunt

Happy 4th birthday Lucy!

Don't worry, it was Lucy's idea~