Monday, November 28

*Ladies and Gentlemen, the devil is real*
Now I know that this is not the site where one typically expects to see images of the supernatural, or musings on deity and the like, but today has just been one of those days, so as it is my place to write, enjoy this if you might.

I have been married more than 9 years, and during that time, I have been brought to realize the true nature of evil. Evil wants you as miserable as he is, he constantly confronts and challenges you in ways that you previously thought unendurable. He is nasty, hateful, and when I sense his presence, I feel anger, fatigue, and helplessness. I of course refer to, the adversary, the devil, my cat Kenshin.

That bugger has been with me since roughly a month after saying "I do" and his goal in life is to make me sorry I have ever met him. Well, it has worked. This afternoon as I sat home while the cable company worked on restoring my connection, I had offered the gentleman at my home a drink, and so just as I stepped into my front room to deliver it, the devil laid me low. I had barely handed my guest the glass when I heard a tremendous whooshing noise, and upon turning round to the kitchen, I saw Kenshin, the devil incarnate, had knocked off a gallon of egg nog from where it sat closed on the counter and had created an egg nog orgy for himself and the three other youngsters who are prone to follow his bad example.

One of these days, that damn cat will be gone. Please make it sooner rather than later!!

All four kitties, gorging themselves on my sorrow

Poor Gigi has been blind since birth and has never had to take a bath in the sink before, though she has never been drenched in egg nog before either. Thank goodness my sink was essentially empty to begin with.
Sad note, she has no clue that faucet is right in front of her nose. I kid you not. Luckily for us all, my cable guy suggested I photograph the evidence of this misbehavior to share with the world before I got about the business of once again, doing my floors.


Mark A said...

My Dad would call the solution "treatment 22"... as in 22 caliber...

Necia said...

well at least something enjoyed it! Dang cat!! Expensive treat i swear they sniff it out and try and beat ya too it!

Annie said...

Ha Ha! Those RASCALS!!!
Expel the troublemaker once and for all! Drop him off on the top of the 'Y' up on the mountain over BYU... some unsuspecting student is bound to snatch him up!!!